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Good to know – What worked in the Content Space

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Owned, Paid, Shared and Earned Media. The Online Marketing Paradigm

Hi folks. Now – standing here – at the fag end of the course, it is but imperative that we revise a few things that we have talked about in the class. Today – Lets revise owned, paid and earned medias and their importance to business. Please go through





Web Business Models

Web business models

Adwords – Interesting facts

Google – Some facts

Adwords for beginners

adwords for beginners

Go through with a fine tooth comb. Something that ran out of time for. But not too complicated

Quiz Results

Hey all. These are the results from the quiz. Some of you have scored well – some terrible. On the whole the participation was good. The answer sheet is also attached


Quiz AnswersQuiz Marks

Race Presentation_Group 8

Internet Marketing_Group Assignmet 2_Group 8

RACE – An assesment

Hi all. I have marked you out of 50. In many cases, while the presentations were superb, there are key elements that were missing. Some were even ditto copies of other presentations (I don’t know how that’s possible). Leaving subjectivity aside, I have cut marks for

  1. Copies
  2. Leaving out KPIs
  3. Not covering Digital as taught

I have given extra marks for

  1. Out of box, original thinking
  2. Disruption
  3. Comprehension of subject

Following are the group wise scores

Group 1 Names RACE Scores
151110 Bhaven Jayantbhai Pandya 25
151205 Aditya Kesharwani
151253 Tanmay Atul Ahuja
151325 Indumallika Borah
151420 Irfan Ali
Group 2    
151120 Jaykumar Tulsidas Lunagariya 35
151207 Ajeetesh Mishra
151256 Varnika Mishra
151326 Jaynish Kirtibhai Patel
151421 Juhi Singh
Group 3    
151126 Laveen Advani 25
151210 Aman Marwaha
151259 Vishnu Dharmaseelan
151333 Navneet Teotia
151426 Manmohan
Group 4    
151132 Nikita Hada 30
151213 Anirudh Jindal
151260 Vivek Anilkumar Toshniwal
151338 Prasad Rajendra Joshi
151435 Ramya K
Group 5    
151139 Priyanka Pramod Gupta 25
151222 Debadatta Ratha
141228 Kevin B Simon
151340 Radhika Maheshwari
151440 Sakshee Jain
Group 6    
151143 Rahul Mehta 20
151225 Gaurav Singla
151303 Akhil Nayak
151343 Rahul Pandey
151446 Shreya Udayan Ambegaokar
Group 7    
151148 Samar Shilpesh Chotaliya 35
151228 Harsh Rajen Doshi
151304 Amit Mukherjee
151344 Rahul Raj
151448 Shubham Kumar
Group 8    
151152 Shrey Jai Modi 35
151230 Jayesh Agrawal
151307 Ankush Mundhra
151353 Shubham Gupta
151451 Srishti Roopchandani
Group 9    
151156 Sidharth Manohar Nandwani 40
151247 Satish Kumar Roy
151308 Anshul Sinha
151358 Utkaarsh Yogesh Sharma
151453 Sweety Rani
Group 10    
151157 Sumedh Menon 35
151249 Shivam Vohra
151309 Anshun Brijen Gosalia
141304 Arpit  Kothari
151454 Tahirkhan M. Pathan
Group 11    
151158 Sumeet Sunaria 40
151250 Shruti Mathur
151312 Anurag Mukeshkumar Mehta
141336 Pulkit  Jain
141403 Advit  Seth
Group 12    
151203 Abhishek Pramod Salunke 35
151251 Siddarth Surana
151313 Anurag Raut
151402 Aashish Janardhanan
Group 13    
151204 Adhirajsinh Chudasama 35
151252 Spandan Bhavenbhai Patel
151323 Hetvi Yogesh Bhavsar
151414 Deepak Meena

It is obvious that the average group scores is what will be taken as your individual scores in assessment.

All the very best.

Sample white paper

This is by no means the ideal white paper. However it does the job in understanding what a white paper is in the first place.

This one is eleven pages. Yours need not be more than 4 or 5. According to your requirements.

E Judge

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