Source: Marketrump- How NaMo aced Marketing Communication

On the eve of 28th September 2014, a person in white beard with spectacles and the saffron colored jacket was warmly received at the stage in Madison square garden of New York with a full packed stadium. And to them, he said, “I have a dream!”

Yes, he was Narendra Modi- Prime minister of India who stood there not less than a style of a rock star.

Modi was truly channelling the famous speech “I Have a Dream” of Martin Luther King Jr.’s and the crowd of Indian-Americans was just in love with that, The event amplified his larger-than-life stature that had propelled him to victory in the Indian general election of 2014.

He adopted some of the best marketing strategies with the bright minds which are as follows:

1) To know Insights of Consumers: We always say that the way you market is to be based on consumer insights. The marketing and Brand manager of Narendra Modi found out that the value of Mr Narendra Modi is much higher than the party BJP itself. Therefore, they decided to project Narendra Modi instead of BJP in their election campaigns.

2) Fill the boat with Best Minds: Second, the best known names in Indian Advertising Sam BalsaraPrasoon Joshi & Piyush Pandey were hired by them. Sentimentality was taken out of the picture when they looked at this as a business. Their client was the BJP. They thought that if the BJP was any other brand, how would they sell? With this Trio under their arms and the experience they had was one of the key factors that contributed to the success.

3) Catchy Taglines/Slogan: BJP decided to have a catchy slogan. “Ab ki Bar, Modi Sarkar”. It was something very different that a person can be given a form of brand. It was something one would easily chant or was very easy on the tongue. So, it resonated with everybody.

4) The Communication campaigns: The message was clearly the Brand Modi and what he stood for. When they ran TV ads, print ads, radio ads, they simultaneously used YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Each targeted different audiences and segments. They made use of TV to reach the common man. They made wide used of the Internet channel to reach out all the youngsters. They spread their reach to rural people through road shows and rallies. Narendra Modi with his great ability to communicate and being a great orator addressed hundreds of rallying throughout the country.

5) Word of Mouth: It was a clear perception that Modi can achieve great heights. He could easily get things done. Also, the inefficiency of the previous government had an added advantage to Modi. Modi and his team took advantage and leveraged this image as a doer to their benefit. It just went viral without much effort. Many migrant laborers from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh had worked in Gujarat and when they went back home, they had a good impact in spreading positive word of mouth about Narendra Modi and his works.

6) Database and Data Analysis Marketing. Specifically, in important states like UP and Bihar, the campaign managers collected a huge database which helped them in reaching out directly to the people.  It also greatly helped to track the flaws in the opposition party’s campaigns.

Presence of Narendra Modi on Various Social Media Platforms


Narendra Modi had third largest followers on twitter aftetr Amitabh Bacchan and Shahrukh Khan. Throughout the elections, he made maximum use of this platform to succeed in resolute target lots.


Narendra Modi has over 29 million likes on his page and most fascinating factor you may have found on his FB page is that each post is written in English rather than Hindi.


Throughout the elections, he continued uploading videos of his rallies for viewers.

With the help of digital media, the primary purpose of the NaMo was to convey to the massive target audience or voters their message and vision. Benefits that Narendra Modi Reaped From an ideal Social Media Planning:

  • United previous voters of the party
  • Spread out party’s policies amid public
  • Create faith in public regarding the party’s plan of growth
  • Inspire youth to participate

Not only digital promoting but also he had used publicity and advertising so as to form synergism. Nearly each hash tag associated with Narendra Modi and BJP trended until election results weren’t declared.



BJP has comprehensibly planned numerous campaigns for social media. All potential digital platforms were used to win over folks to vote for the party. Most imperative factor regarding Modi’s campaign is that his team maintained consistency throughout the elections.

  1. Focus: Even a fancy entity like an organization with multiple dimensions and aspects are often conferred and delineated on one or 2 dimensions – the chosen leader and his track record = likely future performance of India under his leadership
  2. Consistency: Repetition of a number of messages regarding Narendra Modi – governance, non-corrupt, toughness, pro-business and thru this, an awfully clear and unambiguous image emerges
  3. Orchestration: A political campaign must be orchestrated through multiple channels, it can’t be simple controlled sort of a produced TVC – from w-o-m at a grassroots level to social media to political rallies and face-to-face encounters.  BJP had discovered a communication juggernaut that orchestrates and manages an enormous amount of content which aided in their win.

Authors : Anshun Gosalia, Amit Mukherjee, Akhil Nayak, Meet Bhimjiyani