As marketing professionals and resident geniuses, BRAND needs to be of utmost importance to you guys.

Here are a few of my thoughts on the same. A brand is a manifestation of your entire persona. Here, by you I mean your individual self or by the product you are marketing. So a Brand, is a sumtotal of the following characteristics.

  • Product
  • Values
  • Visual Representation
  • Projection
  • Service
  • Engagement

To be a viable brand, first and foremost, the product has to be good. More importantly, there has to be a latent or manifested need for the product. Need is not the wish of a few, but an actual process that is established through research and brainstorming. Visual representation comes after that. There are many examples, world over, of visual representation and projection (read – Advertising) being awesome, but being eventually failed by the nature of the product.

Values are as intrinsic to the brand as they are to a living social individual. What are the core beliefs, the guiding principles that drive the product? What  is the need it fulfils and the social spectrum it serves. What are its objectives beyond profit? How scalable is it?

The product and values find its breakaway moment in its visual representation. Visual representation is important as that is what is seen by your serviced target group. Visual representation therefore, is dependent on the nature of  –

  • Target segments
  • Sub segments
  • Cultural and Social Norms
  • Localization (wherever possible)
  • Linguistic play
  • Easy representation in different media vehicles

So just keep these in mind. Regardless of media, these principles are omnipresent. Expand on your ideas. The ones that you shared yesterday.

All the best.