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February 2017



The eight pillars of Innovation

How does a company like Google continue to grow exponentially while still staying innovative? Susan Wojcicki, Google’s Senior Vice President of Advertising, discusses some of the processes and principles in place to make sure that the company doesn’t get bogged down in the past as it keeps moving forward.


Pokemon Go – Business Model

Business Model Explained

Some files that you need to go through







Viral Stuff – Group 4

What makes it go viral?
Is it the Content?
Is it the Context?
Or is it an Art?
Watch to know more…#ViralStuff


When all fails, compile! #Compilation

Valentine’s Day Special- Single vs Committed

This valentine’s day which side will you fall ? Remember , being single does not really mean being lonely and being in a relationship does not always mean being happy Watch this video …

Source: Valentine’s Day Special- Single vs Committed

Assignment- By Group 11

Stereotyping can be a great time saver, you can form opinions without knowing the facts and shadowing the truth. 

We all use stereotypes, all the time, without knowing it. We have met the enemy of equality and the enemy is us.

So who have you stereotyped in the past?


I Can’t Cry – Group 5


Men are not supposed to cry, WHY?? It is not MASCULINE.
Crying men are weak, show of emotion is a weak culture. Men undergo different forms of harassment day in day out. They play the role of a son, brother, uncle, cousin & father. Goes without appreciation and no room to show his emotion.
A man is strong, tough, insensitive and unemotional, A man is independent, confident and talented.
Salute to all the sons, brothers and fathers.

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