It is not as challenging as it sounds. It is just the optics that sound dangerous. Actually it is quite simple. However, a few things do need to be kept in mind before you start rolling. After all, you don’t want this to be a mindless exercise.

So here goes. Keep the following in order and then give it to creativity.

  • Get an Android smartphone with a better camera.You need a clear camera with a HD quality before beginning. An iphone will also do.
  • Let everybody give their own creative ideas about your project. Make sure you don’t curtail your creativity. First, go to a blue sky phase where you discuss even the wildest ideas. Next come to a verification of those ideas and pick the one that you think is doable within your constraints and framework.
    • Make sure everybody has a chance to share ideas.
    • Think about possible story-lines and genres for the project, such as action, comedy, survivor, horror, etc.
  • Plan out your action and main lines before filming.This will avoid you from any confuse or unclear dialogue or action movement. You don’t necessarily need a set script, but it helps to have a solid plan.
    • Remember to plan it be carefully and be clever. What you need plan is the storyline (plot), actor action, dialogue and movement, location of film and camera anger or position.
    • Make sure you create a believable/fun dialogue that’s easy for the actors to read to avoid from any confused or mistakes.
  • Find a place to film.Make sure location of film is safe from any disruptions, and be sure to not trespassing. Get a permission from owner of location or lands before taking a film.
    • Ask for permission first before starting to shoot.
    • If action is involved, make sure the location that you choose is safe.
    • Make sure the place that you choose is free from noise sound.
  • Make sure everything is ready.Make sure your crew has memorized the dialogue, action, movement, etc.
    • Don’t force your friends/crew to do any stunts or dangerous action moves that they’re not comfortable with.
    • Give your friends/crew time to memorize the dialogue.
  • Start shooting!In this step, start recording your action and make sure to cut and retry again if you experience any disruptions or mistakes.
    • Taking and recording the film from smart phone can be tricky at first, but becomes easier with practice. Make sure your Android is in the good position and angle. Always cut and switch another position of your camera to take another shot.
    • Make sure to hold your phone perfectly!
    • Always tell your cameraman to focus during recording to make sure your end result will be clear.
    • Make sure you pause or stop the recording when trying to switch to a new angle/focus.
  • Reshoot as needed.If someone makes a mistake, just start over and try again. Don’t give up.
    • Don’t be mad or angry if a member of your crew makes a mistake, because it’s normal. Everybody can accidentally make a mistake during filming. What you have to do is make sure your crew is paying attention and is serious about doing the film.
  • After everything is done, replay the recorder.Make sure everything came out how you intended it.
    • If you spot any mistakes, try shooting that particular scene again. You don’t have to start the whole film over, since you can edit together different shots and scenes later.
  • Start editing.You can download any video maker from Google Play Store, and search for good options online (check the reviews). When you find one you like, use it to trim your video and merge your different scenes into one film.
    • If you have a computer rather than an Android phone, you can download any video application on your computer. If you need a better application, just search Google for reviews.
  • Add special effects.If you want to put any explosion or any special effects, you can download any FX action movie application from the Google Play Store.
  • Keep it active and don’t give up!Making a film is not easy. You may need a few days, or more to complete your project, depending on the scale. Just keep yourself alive.