The Task At Hand

Hi All. Been a few days since we communicated. But that’s ok. You have all had some time to think about what we have already discussed. So now – The first group activity.

The idea is to make a film. A film on any subject. The idea, script and creativity aspect is best left up to you guys.

However, a few clear guidelines

  • The film needs to be shot on a mobile device (Tablet or handset)
  • The film needs to be edited through online means
  • The film cannot be over 3 minutes long (The ideal length would be within 60 to 90 seconds)
  • The film needs to be in Hindi, English or Hinglish. (No, I am not biased against any language – but that’s the brief)

Try not to spend any money on props or settings while making of the film. You MUST all have a level playing field.

That’s not all

Once you have completed making the film,

  • At the bare minimum, upload the film on Youtube.
  • Then bring it on to other Social media platforms
  • Do up a Sharing / Contact / View program
  • Now let yourself fly

And then…

Make a short presentation of less than 10 minutes. I am suggesting powerpoint, but I leave the options to you guys. If you are making a powerpoint presentation, I would request you to go through a site called This site has latest internationally accepted templates….Just to keep yourselves updated. In the presentation, cover the following points…

  1. Why did you make the film that you did? What was the raison de tre as such?
  2. Who did you make the film for? Basically your target audience definition
  3. What were the online and offline measures you took to promote your own film?
  4. How many likes, shares, views did you have?
  5. How did you follow the analytics of the film (Views) and what did you do to increase it?

Please note the following –

Ideally I would not advise or want any of the groups to spend any money in terms of promoting the film. If you do spend money, then include the following in your presentations

  • Why did you need the budgets?
  • How much budgets did you take up?
  • What was an element wise break up of budgets?
  • How much of the budgets were spent on promotion?
  • Channel wise spend list.
  • What was ultimately a CPV (Cost per view that you broadly achieved)

I am always there for any of you to consult and help if required.

All the very best